Is celebrating the holiday fair game to let your “after work self” roam free like Don Lemon?

Is celebrating the holiday fair game to let your “after work self” roam free like Don Lemon?

Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve, are the holiday’s that an overwhelmingly amount of individuals agree is the time to get pretty tipsy if not drunk. Knowing that alcohol lowers our judgment level, just how sauced or drunk should you really be if you are celebrity figure or news correspondent such as “Don Lemon”?

I cannot lie, when I saw the clip of Don throwing back shots and receiving an ear piercing on air, I was totally blown away.  Why the heck did I not turn into CNN on New Year’s Eve?!  I was mesmerized thinking to myself how this could translate as either good or bad to his corporate leadership. However it did not appear that Don cared; perhaps that was the alcohol.   After all, it was the holidays and “2016” was a very trying year for many, many people.

With that said, when his mic was cut because he was becoming a bit too opinionated, I quickly thought to myself, “oh no, he’s getting himself in trouble”.  Either that or someone is trying to save him before he completely ruins his career.

Work/Life Self:

Trying to balance your “work self” and your “after work self”, can be challenging, especially when you have an internal gauge that almost always tips to “honest and authentic”.  I know for me, to not be that way (honest) is a lie.  At this point in my life I find it very difficult to deceive others or myself by trying to be anything other than me.

Holiday parties are the bane to many people’s existence as they strive for the rest of the following year trying to be someone other than the true and inebriated selves they displayed at the holiday or New Year’s Eve party.  So my solution, if they have not done anything too incriminating: “Give them a pass”.  But with that said, if you know you are not a happy drunk, or if you like to feel people up when you drink, maybe you should keep it light or don’t drink at all.

Since I know Don Lemon is not the first person to get drunk on air or while working, especially on New Year’s Eve, I believe that his fellow employees and bosses should give him a pass.  I mean why else have him in New Orleans’s taking shots on New Year’s Eve screaming, “don’t get blood on my suit”!.  CNN wanted the ratings (Kathy Griffin, a comedy co-hosted as well for ratings)  and I am sure display’s like Don Lemon’s will cause for many more next year.

Hopefully Don Lemon is not banned.


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