“Where is the Integrity”??

“Where is the Integrity”??

What happened to the days in which people had integrity?  Or at least tried to emulate it to the point in which you believed they genuinely cared about you and your well-being?

I recently watched an episode of “Penny Dreadful” on Netflix, and it demonstrated a time when people went out of their way to reflect the kindest demeanor to one another.  At least face to face.

Businesses had a standard.  People had standards.

Was it that we did not know any better and we accepted what was placed in front of us?  Or did we know better, as well as the business owner and they cared about their customers and promoting loyalty?

It has become such a cold world out there that people only care about themselves and how they can move ahead.  No one stops to “treat others the way they would want to be treated”.

For example, it makes no sense to me that I spoke with a realtor about an apartment and scheduled a showing until I realized she was trying to rent the place by the 1st of the month, and I was not looking to move until the 1st of the following month I apologized for wasting her time and opted out of the situation because I knew that others would love to move by 1st, and that’s what she was gunning for.  She was so impressed, shocked, and overwhelmed that I was willing to step aside and cancel my viewing that she stated she would put a star next to my name so that if they did not rent it by a certain date, she would call me back.

Another example happened at Starbucks, one of the baristas forgot to charge me for a slice of cake (it was $2+).  I mentioned it to the barista and she was embarrassed first and then shocked that I admitted to it.  It’s this type of behavior that is so sad to me.  That when someone or a business does a kind gesture, people are so taken back because people just don’t operate like that anymore.  To my point, “People just don’t care”.

I said all that to say, that this laziness, lack of loyalty, and respect for others is carrying over into the business world. As a result, it is becoming harder and harder to trust that the service you requested and paid for, will be delivered.  So where does that place me in the world?  It places me in the category of being a grumpy and unsatisfied consumer of most goods.  As a result, I have made it my life’s goal to do that which is necessary to promote respect, loyalty, appreciation, and quality of any service that I take my buck and pay for.  All for the common good; all in the name of bringing integrity back into businesses.

Do you see this pattern, or am I paranoid, and too cognizant of what is going wrong, that I fail to see what is going right?  Nothing in this world is perfect, I know that, but can we at least strive for a standard of excellence?  What do you think?


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