Habitually crossing lines in the workplace!

Habitually crossing lines in the workplace!

Pushing through the daily angst of a job. Ugh!  I know I’m not the only one that has been cursed with a lovely coworker that gets underneath your skin. You know the one that makes it clear that they and you are underdeveloped in the area of boundaries.

Their case is obvious as they continually push past the signs that you really don’t want to have that conversation or want to be bothered.

Very much like the show “the office” in every way.

You learn of your own boundaries as you are either way to compliant to these coworkers so they are very much like a “habitual line stepper”. Charlie Murphy and his version of “True Hollywood” stories nailed this synopsis on the Chappelle show. They are those that constantly perform the same behavior over and over again knowing it works your nerves yet not really caring.

Or you fall on the side of boundary lines where you refuse to be treated in a particular way so you instantly snap back. As a result you may find yourself constantly on management’s hit list. So how does one control this situation when you have to show up for that paycheck?  Do you grin and bear it or confront. Since boundaries are like houses with yards, and because they are only in effect in relation to others. Each are expected to treat each person’s properties as if it is the other person’s property. That means no trespassing! Which correlates to not doing things that you know may annoy another person. Think of another for once. For example, if you chew too loud, and your neighbor can hear, that’s a violation.

If you constantly interrupt others, consider that some people have short attention spans and can’t handle that.

Just treat others as you want to be treated. Isn’t this the name of the game in every organization and in every walk of life?

Enjoy a laugh through Dave Chappelle’s, “True Hollywood story” and enjoy someone else dealing with a line stepper.

Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tju_JD01DC8


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