Hillary “Chameleon” Clinton??

Hillary “Chameleon” Clinton??

Why did Hillary lose the election? In careful research of Hillary, before the talking heads mentioned it, I noticed that she is a chameleon. Someone that will take on any face she can to be what others want her to be in their political stance. I recall that when Bill became governor of Arkansas, this lady from the Midwest decided she needed a southern drawl.

When Bernie gave his many ideas in the primary, she quickly revised her rhetoric to mirror Bernie’s. When she was with Black churches she spoke like a preacher, and when she was on power 105 “the Breakfast Club” she was quick to mention “she had hot sauce in her purse”, supposedly as something she carries around. It’s no wonder she can’t connect.

And then how about when she made an about face with the whole trade deal?  America felt that she was not authentic. In organizations to be successful you have to be authentic and consistent. Unfortunately she did not learn this over the many years in public service. Her chameleon like ways got her far, but not far enough to obtain the presidency.


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