Metra — The quiet car! Love It! But noisy people don’t!

Metra — The quiet car! Love It! But noisy people don’t!

Metra. The train line that has what all introverts love, the quiet car. I completely commend them on having a quiet car. Sometime people just need to distress from the long work day without hearing the voices of other’s.

Yes, when I walk up proudly to the quiet car the last thing I expect to happen is to be encountered with noise. I get it, people are shuffling around trying to find a seat, but once that is accomplished why in the heck is their talking or singing?  Currently I am experiencing someone that just has to be seen (maybe an extrovert) and he is humming?  Oh I see, the extrovert is having a drink. Another blissful offering of Metra. Perhaps “Mr. Happy Hour”, should find the talking car so he can really let loose and let out his noise in the proper environment for it.

Then there’s the guy that calls to say, “Hey, I’m on the train”.  In the day and age of text messages, why not just text that simple message?

There is one conductor that makes it a habit of mentioning that it is the “quiet car”.  But as we know all employees and organizations are not equal, in that everyone does not always exhibit the same behavior.

Well I wish all of them would make this announcement, or at least have a blinking sign to remind all riders of the “quiet car” that this is not the place for your noise, humming or any sorts of chatter.  Come on! If you are on the God blessed “quiet car” please keep your chatter to yourself. Metra provided an avenue of peace and quiet for those who need it but it’s trumped by the less respectful of “silence”. What do you think, am I just being over the top?  Have you ever experienced the beauty of a quiet car to have that right violated because someone wants to be selfish?


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