The Morale of the United States of America — Trump, pragmatic.

The Morale of the United States of America — Trump, pragmatic.

Organizations that are structured in a hierarchy (top down) structure, takes time and work to get all those who are employed below to accept new leadership. Organizational changes can rock the very core of the workplace and cause a complete downward spiral in morale.

I have witnessed with my very eyes how good morale can become poisoned with anger, fear, anxiety, and confusion. Generally during this time, leadership either rallies everyone together in hopes of getting them to accept the new changes (usually this involves taking the employees through various workshops or meetings in an effort to boast morale), or they lose valuable employees as they find other organizations that they can trust and respect.

President Obama appears to have tried to implement such tactics. Prior to the election the “message” was to encourage America to vote for the more “sensible choice”, Hillary Clinton. However just like organizations that try to force feed its employees messages that they are just not buying, it becomes unbearable watching the current administration finagle their way through the changes.

The morale from some older whites that I overheard on the train this morning was, “We are in trouble”. “Our military is not equipped to handle what can possibly happen to the United States”.  “How could this have happened?”

Many other nationalities have the same thoughts (I work in a very multicultural organization), so rebuilding America’s morale is going to take more than Obama trying to convince others that Trump is “pragmatic”.

It’s going to take more than an administration structured with those who only communicate the exact same thought process as Trump. He needs “no” people around to keep his policies balanced; to ward off bad decision making.

However the first and foremost things that must be won by Americans, just like in the workplace, is “trust and respect”. If it is not, there is nowhere else for our morale to go but down.


Lee, C. (2016). Obama Says Donald Trump Will Be Driven by Pragmatism Not Ideology as President. Retrieved from


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