SNL – Dave Chappelle — My Morale Booster!

SNL – Dave Chappelle — My Morale Booster!

“Saturday Night Live” an organization that has seen many highs and lows have in my opinion hit an all-time high with one of the funniest episodes that I have ever seen air. Lorne Michaels is not one to gain everyone’s respect but he certainly gained mine by allowing uncensored Dave Chappelle to take the stage. After the first “N” word that was uncensored I thought, “hmmm”, then after the “P” word I was like okay, wow! Interesting enough Chappelle apologized for that slip (not sure if it was genuine or not).

However after the 2nd and 3rd “N” slips I figured this was planned or he had some money involved so he did not mind using the “N” word on national TV.

Whatever the case maybe, I give Saturday Night Live a thumbs up for allowing what needed to be said, said.  I gained more morale watching Chappelle than I did listening to a carefully crafted “organized” speech.

In case you missed the opening monologue please treat yourself!


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