Happy Veteran’s Day from ImperfectOrg!

Happy Veteran’s Day from ImperfectOrg!

Happy Veteran’s Day from ImperfectOrg! Most lazy people just think this as a day off from work or a time before the big upcoming holiday season to get a deal on Furniture or a brand new television. While the answer is yes, this day means a whole lot more than that. Today is the time to reflect upon the service of all those in uniform and the sacrifices they have made to keep this country free. The idea is to thank and honor these individuals when you apply the principles of Organizational Development you would realize this is one of the fundamental principles that is pushed to keep an organization alive and productive.

This also goes for America by honoring our troops we are increasing the likelihood for this country to move forward into the future, by delivering on our promises to our Veterans by creating organizations like the Veterans Administration and holidays such as Veterans day. I like the idea of giving back to our Veterans and have found an article from USA Today regarding organizations that are offering deals and freebies to our Veterans:


In this case, we would call these organizations, third parties or third party vendors who are assisting in the wellbeing and recognition of the individuals of this organization, building the morale of these individuals with rewards and recognition for a job well done. The Veterans are of course the individuals in this context and the organization is America, and it is one of the best examples of an organization honoring its employees. I wish all the Veterans, a happy Veterans’ Day and I hope the article I posted on here helps you celebrate this day in a special way. If these organizations are willing to give freebies and deals please take advantage of them you, the veterans deserve it!

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