Did Hillary Clinton wear her “Mourning Bunting”?

Did Hillary Clinton wear her “Mourning Bunting”?

It is really nice that many have made comments about the black (or charcoal gray) and purple colors that Hillary Clinton (as well as her husband, although his suit looked navy blue) wore when she officially conceded.

It was more like a charcoal black suit and the lapel and shirt was a deep purple. Many tweets I read were congratulating her on her attire, stating it was for unity.

However as someone that analyzes behavior, what I saw was the representation of mourning. Or what it is officially called, “mourning bunting”. 3mourningbunt

Mourning bunting is usually characterized by draping black and purple over a building as a memorial to someone that is now deceased.

Instead of draping black and purple on a building, Hillary draped it on herself.

This political process was a tough one for many, many people.  No doubt it was extremely hard and pressing on Hillary Clinton.

If you happened to stand behind Hillary with hopes and confidence that she would win the election, I am sure you are mourning.  The heaviness can be felt through the air like never before in my lifetime after an election. The closes it comes for me is 9/11.

Please do not take that statement the wrong way.  God knows, I am very, very thankful that it was not 9/11 and we did not lose any of our loved ones as on that dreaded day, however the fear that was felt in our country is just as strong today as it was back then.

Well, Hillary wore her colors to mourn, whether you agree or not, and no doubt she did it because this is how deeply impacted she was with the loss of the election.  Does anyone else agree with me, or am I just reading way too much into the colors.  I’m sorry, I’m not one to butter up the obvious (about her attire) in a tweet.

What do you think?

Check out this link to learn more about “mourning bunting”



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