“Can organizations assist employees grieve through the political process?”

“Can organizations assist employees grieve through the political process?”

During this time in our Nations’ History where upheaval has waxed many thin, what can organizations do to help confront the possible grief, anxiety, and stress its employees may be experiencing?

Should organizations shake it off, refusing to interject in hopes of keeping all political issues safely tucked away so that it does not become an HR issue?

Or should they have counselors on staff or an Employee Assistance program (EAP) to help employees sort through their emotional well-being?

Or what about a more progressive movement that will allow employees to leave work early for a peaceful protest?  Can they take an extra day off just to grieve on what took place and make adjustments?

Whatever an organization may do or where they stand in this political process, there should be something in place to help its employees grieve. Of course, not all people voted the same, so you are bound to have someone on your team who is struggling and it could be affecting their ability to work.

If not thing else, you want to ensure that the morale “work” you may have put in, is not all erased due to some sort of conflict or divide among opinions of your employees.  We must all learn how to have different views and yet still get along for the greater good.

If a void remains, it can result in panic, higher absentee’s, and possibly turnover’s as employees seek measures to feel financially secure.  Perhaps if nothing else, organizations can walk their employees through the grief process (if needed).

Something as simple as an email or link to help them understand the process may be beneficial.  Check out this link on the grief process.  In case you do not have the option of working for a place that can address political issues overtly, at least you can seek healing for your own soul.



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