What I would like to address is how this political organization (the run for Presidency), has turned in a way many did not expect.  However, how did we not see this coming?

There had to be more hidden votes than many realized. As well as many people who did not go out to vote.  It all mattered, and it is such a perplexing thing to behold and blog about.  My anxiety is high, never really feeling a part of the political organization, but now feeling it totally encompasses me.

I also had the thought that there were many who never settled on President Barack Obama and his administration. Or there were many who never accepted that Bernie Sanders did not win the nomination. Of course, the emails played a part.

I listened to a radio program today while stuck in traffic that had many people calling in and admitting on the air that they had voted for the opposite political candidate of their family members and/or peers.  They were females and males, middle-aged and young.  Various nationalities. Such a sensitive topic.

Which causes me to wonder did we all vote for the candidate we claimed we would vote for?


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