“Lesson’s learned from a candidates’ loss”— President Elect Donald Trump?”

“Lesson’s learned from a candidates’ loss”— President Elect Donald Trump?”

So…the day after. As I watched things unveil before me on yesterday, I could not help but wonder if the political game would turn on its heels like that beloved Cubs game last week.

Unfortunately the Cubs organization was alone in their victory, I can only imagine how Hillary must now feel.

What many see as a political debacle is seen as a lesson to be learned by many.

What message was delivered last night?

One of the main takeaways that I have is that America wants someone in the white house that is more overt than covert for the representation of the United States.

To some degree I get it, because I married my overtly expressive husband because I grew tired of the men that I dated who lied and would never come out and express how they really felt. I fell in love with his transparency and now we are the best of friends.

However, many don’t understand my husband but I severely do.

I don’t have to try and peel back the layers to know what’s taking place.  Being someone that studies human behavior, I could appreciate this in him.  Unfortunately way too many people want the message that they want, expressed to them in a pretty little package when it’s all a deception.

I grew up in a family that experienced these layers, and it was incredibly frustrating to get to the heart of how family members really felt.  No one wanted to cross a boundary or hurt another’s feelings.

However, still, I did not see this day coming, or did I?   It’s almost like the day Prince died. We knew something was ailing him but no one wanted to really admit it.

America is just perplexed.  Whether you were a Trump supporter and believed the polls and did not think he could win or if you were a Clinton supporter that hoped at least for the first woman president, there is some perplexity that has had to cross your mind today.

In my observations, I also wondered if many just didn’t want a woman that happened to be a “Clinton” running them. Something else that is experienced within organizations. Some people just are not ready to embrace a woman president.  Or was it just the wrong woman that ran?

In top down organizations we generally have to deal with the leadership that has been imposed on us from the top. Morale is affected, much like the heaviness that many feel on today.  But how does this same message play out with those who had a chance to elect their new leader?  Perhaps we should all implement the grieving process so that we can accept what took place before our very eyes, like bad leadership or losing that position in an organization.


Unfortunately we cannot just quit (when we hate our boss) and go somewhere else like many have proposed to do by moving to Canada.

It’s a strange and awkward day that I just did not see coming. But I’m sure I’m not the only one. What say you, do you see Trump as being that new boss that has your life in his hand or do you see it as a bright and new day for America?


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