“I thought there was no way for our votes to be tampered with if they were submitted electronically?”

“I thought there was no way for our votes to be tampered with if they were submitted electronically?”

I was so anxious over voting in this election that my IBS began to act up as I struggled to locate the polling place. My nerves were bad.  I just knew I would encounter something difficult.  I then told myself no matter what I encountered, I would vote today.

Upon arrival, the parking lot was so empty that I just knew that I had the wrong location.

I wasted another 10 minutes riding in circles only to discover I was in the correct place to begin with.  Anxiety for you.  But it was strange and a bit odd it was so empty, even at 7 am.

There were no lines outside but I took my umbrella (rain in the forecast) and a book. I needed neither.  I walked right in to an almost empty hallway.  It could not have been more than 15 voters there.

They had staff ready and available to help determine what precinct I was voting in, because unbeknownst to me, they held two different precincts in the same location.

I was then met by an older gentleman that made sure my signature matched the signature they had on their registered voter sheet.

I could not believe that I was even shaking just a little bit as he asked me to “resign” my name to see if it matched his records.  Again, because of my anxiety, I gave him perfect penmanship, not the sloppy scribble he had on his records.

After resigning my name, as sloppy as I could, I was offered to vote by a paper ballot or an electronic ballot.  I instantly said, “Electronic” because that is what I had used in the last few elections.

Because I requested electronic, I was directed to a very testy gentleman that worked there to provide me with the card for the electronic machine.

I was not sure why, but it appeared that he was starting an argument with a voter. When the person that was helping her could not locate her name on the sheet, he interjected as a person of authority and asked “when was the last time you voted”? She said “the last one”.

He remarked (with a patch over his eye), “that tells me nothing”.

A bit uncalled for.  Mind you, he was supposed to be helping me.

It was honestly a hiccup because they ended up finding her on the list after it was realized the sheet had her listed as Elizabeth, and her id said “Beth” or vice versa.  I’m really not sure how that could have happened, but anyway, this guy with one eye was already gunning for an unnecessary fight.

Tone is everything. Hopefully he settles down or someone is bound to deck him (sorry, just stating the obvious, everyone has not conquered their anger issues just yet).

So as I waited for about 10-15 minutes, with only one other person in front of me, I noticed, that people after me were coming in and stepping right up to the paper ballot boxes.  By this time, they shared with the new comers that there was no line or waiting if they cast a paper ballot.  Hmm, two electronic boxes and 5 paper ballot boxes, something seemed a bit strange with that.

From the moment I entered until the time I left, it could not have been more than 20 minutes.  Not bad for someone voting the day of.

Overall, I would say for “my experience” voting the day of was not bad at all.  In fact I have waited longer when I voted early.


However to get back to my original thought, I arrived to work (only 10 minutes late, which was not bad either considering it was election day) to find out my coworker who lives in the heart of the city was being encouraged to choose a paper ballot over an electronic ballot.

Hmm, are we afraid of some voter fraud?

I thought there was no way for our votes to be tampered with if they were submitted electronically?  It’s kind of strange.

I never encountered this in past elections, am I missing something here?  Is there a reason paper is being pushed over the electronic ballot?  Did you encounter the same with the paper v/s electronic ballots?


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