the “Enduring “Go Cubs Go” theme song

the “Enduring “Go Cubs Go” theme song

I have been inducted into the new fan club for the Cubs organization.  I totally now understand what the hype was about. That organization is phenomenal. HOWEVER, as a new fan that never watched a full baseball game before Game 7, I am doing everything I possibly can to get that song out of my head.

Don’t ask.

You already know exactly what song I am referring to.  It’s the “Go Cubs Go” song.

I logged on to blog about it and I heard that Bill Murray and the Cubs were on Saturday Night Live singing the “Go Cubs Go” theme song.

I’ll admit, as a marketing approach, it’s successful, but when it’s been played so much that it’s now stuck in my long term memory it’s time for an intervention.  Am I the only one silently and bashfully suffering from the Cubs theme song, daring not to admit it to die hard Cubs fans?



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