“Hey Microsoft!”?! Stop force feeding us your internet browser!

“Hey Microsoft!”?! Stop force feeding us your internet browser!

Do you think organizations understand their perceptions are skewed (from reality) when business is not successful and they fail to make adjustments? I mean let’s face it, companies like Microsoft should have seen the writing on the wall, a very long time ago, as Google Chrome consistently and persistently did what needed to be done to boost its brand.

Now as a consequence to Microsoft’ lackluster internet browser, Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge, face extreme elimination as customers vie for more consistent and solid performing internet browsers. Microsoft allowed themselves to be booted out by the competition thus creating a break in the market for Chrome to comfortably slide into.

How did it get this bad? How did they manage to lose customers at such an alarming rate?  They “lost over 300 million browser users in 2016”,”40 million” of them in October alone (Bort, 2016)?

Did they take the negative surveys, view them then place them in their trash bin?

Did they give the appearance of providing world class customer service, knowing they could really care less? I can tell you one thing, many people did not appreciate the fact that they pushed or should I say tried to “pimp” out Windows 10.  I am no computer genius or geek but I do know that more times than I can count, I encountered that message about downloading Windows 10.  And after hearing my husband and many other’s complain about Windows 10, wanted nothing to do with it.

Come on Microsoft, stop making attempts at forcing a product down someone’s throat as if it’s good for them?  We are not babies, and you are not feeding us nutritious vegetables.  Try and relate to your customer’s beyond your branding and make a real connection with a functional product that will fill a need in the marketplace.

Bort, J (2016). Microsoft has lost over 300 million browser users in 2016, mostly to Chrome, tracking site shows.  Business Insider. Retrieved from http://www.businessinsider.com/300-million-users-ditched-microsoft-browsers-2016-11



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