Not even Metra and Union Station could stand the hordes of celebrating Cub fans!

Not even Metra and Union Station could stand the hordes of celebrating Cub fans!

If there is one thing I cannot stand, more than my anxiety, is chaos.   I wanted to sarcastically comment on this situation and why they were not more prepared, however, how do you prepare for an anomaly?  Perhaps Metra (at Union Station) could have had more trains leaving more often, or perhaps today should have been treated as a national holiday, whatever the options organizations could have taken, Metra somehow dropped the ball on this one.


There was just way too many people all crammed into one place. If something was to pop off, how could police control the crowd? And I hate to say this because I really don’t want the government to believe that I am one of them (trust me I am the furthest thing from one), but terrorists could have had a field day in there! And let us not forget about Amtrak, because they also actually have passengers coming in and out of that same station; there are also a number of stores and restaurants.

I wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed home from work not conscious of the fact that the crowds would be so massive (my train arrives and departs from Union Station). I’ve been to parades for the Bulls and the Blackhawks but I have never witnessed something so potentially dangerous in my life.  I now know that they estimated about 5 million people downtown.  What if someone panicked and fainted in that crowd?  And my experience with Metra in the past (no matter what Metra line I was on), if it was too crowded, the conductors could not actually squeeze through the passengers standing in the packed train cars to check or sell tickets.  Think of how much money they lost! Maybe they need turnstiles and kiosks like CTA to help ensure passengers pay. Thank God everyone was just so happy to celebrate such a fantastic team that nothing deadly occurred.  Come on Union Station and Metra, I know you could have done better than that! Cub fans, did that Grand Mess at Union Station kill your celebrating vibe?


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