108 years later … The Cubs Win the World Series!!

108 years later … The Cubs Win the World Series!!

So loving this Baseball Organization.  It was absolutely amazing to watch this remarkable game unfold.  This is a person that I don’t believe ever sat still long enough to watch a baseball game (whether recreational or professional) and watching game 7 between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, I became totally entranced.

This talented young, attractive team, with an impeccably postured coach, (although Joe Madden’s steely stare causes you to want to please him like an overachiever with a parent), did something that has not been done much in history, coming up from being down in the series, facing elimination to win the World Series.

My husband, who never watches baseball initially told me to stop talking because I made a statement about “if they win”.  I tried to explain that I only stated it that way because although the Cubs were up 5 to 3 in game 7, he said my talk began to jinx them. So I stopped talking and decided to blog. I’m glad I did because the score quickly tied out at 6 to 6. The Cubs went up two to take the lead.

What can I say about it, although I was skeptical about Game 7, the Chicago Club organization made me a believer? 


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